F11 Fault Code Repair

F11 Fault Error Code

MOTOR CONTROL UNIT ERROR The Motor Control Unit has internal failure, repeating under or over voltage, or over current conditions. If failure occurs during high-speed spin the door unlocks after 3 minutes.
The notorious F11 code
This is a very common problem and sometimes a costly one But usually just a bad connection. Always unplug the machine first. Watch this video to clear the drain filter. It seems if the pump has any interruption it can cause the serial communication problem. A recent f21 or suds error this video link will show you how to clear your drain filter. This can also indicate a clogged drain and cause the f11 error also.
Next make sure the door is closing properly if it is not stuck locked. If it is stuck locked the pull tab is located behind the bottom panel.

Next you will need to remove the top lid and tip the front panel forward, this is to access the CCU (main control).
Depending on the model you may need to follow this method of removing a front load washer door switch. This is done by first unplugging the machine. Then slide unit so you can access the back. there will be two usually Phillip headed screws holding the washer top panel on and remove these screws. Then grab the top panel by standing in front of the machine. Hold top panel by the side. Slide back slightly and pick up and remove the top panel.
Then you will find usually three Philips headed screws holding the front control panel to the machine remove these. Now the front control panel can be removed.
Now you have access to the main control. Check all connections here. . Not just for a tight fit but unplug each connecter and check the connectors for corrosion with a strong flashlight, clean connectors with electrical cleaner.
Next check the door lock switch. This video link will go into detail on removing and testing your front load washing machine door switch.
If the door switch checks out good and all connections at the main control are clean and tight. This brings us to the mcu. To access and test the MCU
Remove the front lower panel if your washer is equipped. This will give quick access. 2 screws hold this in place. If you removed the lower panel skip ahead to the MCU, Otherwise keep reading below.
Remove the 2 screws from the back. Firmly grab by sides from front and slide back and tilt up and off.
Remove 1 screw on each side to remove front control panel.
Remove 3 screws around dispenser. Push tab in to remove dispenser.
Now the control can be removed. Some models require disconnecting the wires. Take pics first.
Next remove the wire ring holding the washer bellow in. Start at the 6oclock position with a pair of pliers or a screwdriver. There is a spring that will allow the wire to stretch. Once removed carefully peel the bellow from the washer.
Remove the 3 screws holding the front panel on.
Now the bottom 2 screws and the front panel is now off.
Next remove the lower panel and access the MCU (motor control unit). The MCU is mounted on the motor. It is rectangular circuit board in a plastic housing.Unplug the connector and screws, remove the MCU and check each connection thoroughly. Take every connections apart and clean thoroughly. Inspect with a strong flashlight.Look at the board for burn marks. Clean connectors with electrical cleaner. If everything has checked out good you will need to replace the MCU.
But before purchasing this I would put it back together and try it, sometimes you had a bad or loose connection and didn’t notice it. Many times this is a loose connection.
Good Luck.