Front Load Washer Smells

If your Front Load Washer Smells Check the Following

Door Seal
If your front load washing machine smells it is 95 percent of the time the front door seal. It is either covered in mold and other gunk or just deep inside the seal is collecting water. If you see mold on the seal grab a hold of it and pull it partially inside out to check for mold and gunk check this at the 6 o'clock position. This can somitimes be cleaned with bleach if it is not real bad. Other wise you will need to replace the door seal. This is a common problem with most front loaders. The solutions are to either leave the door open for at least 24 hours or wipe out the door seal especially deep inside after every use.

Drain Pump Filter
Some have a small cover in the lower front put a screwdriver in the hole and turn counterclockwise to remove. There will be a cover to remove, water will come out so be prepared with a towel or wet vac. Clean this out. Other Machines will need to access the drain pump to get to the filter. This can be done by removing the back panel on some washers. On others you will need to remove the lower panel or complete front panel depending on model. The filter is located inside the large hose from the tub to the pump. Remove the hose and clean filter.

Drain Pump
The drain pump may have failed. If you hear it making noises you will need to remove the drain pump and check for obstructions, broken impeller, or not spinning freely. Remove obstructions if it does not spin freely replace the drain pump. If you hear it hum replace the pump if nothing is found inside. If no noise is heard check the pump for power. To do this remove the wire connectors and connect a voltmeter turn to a drain cycle, refer to tech sheet or service manual for proper voltage reading, usually any voltage would probally indicate a faulty pump. If no voltage to the pump replace the main control board.