Front Load Washer Vibrates or Shakes

If your Front load Washer Shakes or Vibrates Check the Following

First check the level of your machine. Check with a bubble level front to back and side to side. Now that you have it close check from one rear corner then diagonly to the opposite front corner. There should be no rocking. Now check the other corner to corner. Now that it is level make sure you tighten the locking nuts on each leveling leg. This is important it will keep your machine from needing to be releveled. Do not put machine on carpet this will cause the machine to be releveled when the carpet flattens out.

Drain Pump
Next if your washer is leveled and sitting firmly. Check to make sure the drain pump is running when a drain cycle is selected. If the drain pump does not run check to make sure it is getting power. The amount of voltage can vary on some machines you will need to refer to the tech sheet or service manual for specifications. If you have power and it does not run replace the drain pump. No power replace the main control module. Next remove the hose to the tub from the drain pump. This hose will have a small amount of water use a wet vac to catch this as you remove the hose. Next remove the filter inside this hose ( some models this can be in there a bit) and clean with water. If this is clear reomve the drain pump check the impeller that it is not broken and spins freely. If all looks good there check the drain hoses for obstructions.

Struts / Shocks
The shocks do ocassionally fail. Sometimes they will make a squeak and somtimes they just don't have enough resistance to keep the machine from shaking. This usually occurs from running heavy loads or age. The shocks are easy to replace and inexpensive. On some models you can access from the back panel and others will require the front panel or lower kick panel removal. Follow the link for a typical front load washer strut replacement.