Front Load Washer No Water

If your Front Load Washer Is not Getting any Water Check the Following

Water Inlet Valve
First check the hoses that connect to the water inlet valve. Remove these completely there should be a screen in at least one end and maybe both ends. Clean these screens. Next check the back of the water inlet valve screens and remove and clean. If cleaning these out does not correct the problem you will need to check to make sure you have power going to the water inlet valve. Most Front loaders will have 120 volts going to the valve but this does vary with manufacturers. Refer to the tech sheet or service manual for proper voltage. Check each solenoid on the valve. You will need to have the washer on and turned to a fill cycle when checking. If you have power and still no water replace the water inlet valve. No power replace the control.

Flow Meter
Some washer are equipped with a flow meter. The flow meter measures the amount of water passing through it. If this fails it may send the wrong or no signal to the control board resulting in slow to no water. The flow meter is easy to replace. Remove the top panel the flow meter is usually right inline with the water inlet valve.