Top Burner Will Not Light

If your Gas Stove will not light Check the Following

Check to see if the igniter is sparking at all. You might need to turn off all the light to see. If not remove the burner. Some burners require a special wrench to remove the burner nut. If you have sealed burners you should replace the seal when removing. In the cas of sealed burners try to clean the igniter with the burner in place. Other wise remove and clean the burner and igniter. Check for spark if none replace the igniter or spark module. If you have spark check the burner holes and or gas valve.

The burners may need to be cleaned. There are small holes that allow gas through holes that are ignited by the igniter. These holes can become clogged up. You can usually clean these with a toothpick or small wire, watch the video.

The switch may have failed and this is not sending power, or continually sending power to the igniters. To check wat the video.

Spark Module
The spark module send the signal from the switch to the igniter, if this fails your stove will not light. If you have no power to the igniter, igniter keeps clicking, igniter will not spark.First check the switches if they check out good then replace the spark module.