LG Fault Codes

  LG Washer  
1E Water Inlet Correct water level is not reached within 8 minutes. Water supply does not reach pre set level within 25 minutes
UE Imbalance Error Load is to small. Appliance is tilted. Redistribute load.
OE Drain Error Did not fully drain within 10 minutes
FE Over flow error Water is overflowing over level 8. If FE is displayed drain pump will operate to drain water automatically
PE Pressure Sensor Sensor switch needs replacing
dE Door open Make sure door is closed. Check latch. Replace door switch
L- E Heating Error Replace thermistor
CE Over current Main PWB assembly failure. Winding in stator assembly shorted
LE Locked Motor Check 3 pin connector in motor. Check 3&4 pin connectors at motor and PWB. Replace Hall Sensor
6E Ball Sensor Loose Ball Sensor
EE eeprom failure Replace eeprom
PF Power Failure Power failure occured

  LG Dishwasher Fault Codes  
1E Water Inlet Not reaching proper water level within 10minutes.Check water inlet valve resistance 950- 1300ohms. Check water inlet for clogs. Replace Air Braker
DE Drain Error Check drain for clogs. Check drain motor for resistance 20- 40 ohms. Replace drain motor
E1 Leak Check for leaks if none found replace impeller of washing motor
FE inlet valve Clean and / or replace
L- E Motor working abnormally Motor working abnormally Check motor connections. Check resistance of thermistor 11-14 ohms at 77 degrees Replace PCB

  LG Refrigerator  
Er / FS Failure of freezer sensor Cut or Short in circuit wire
Er / rS Failure of Refrigerator sensor Cut or Short in circuit wire
Er / dS Failure of defrost sensor Cut or Short in circuit wire
Er / dH Failure of defrost mode When defrost sensor doesn't reach 46f within 2 hours after starting defrost. Snapping of Defrost heater or Temperature fuse, pull out of connector.
Er / FF Failure of BLDC Fan motor at freezer compartment If there is no fan motor signal for more than 65sec in operation fan motor. Poor motor, hooking to wires of fan,contact of structures to fan,snapping or short of lead wires.