Control Does Not Respond

If your Oven Control does not Respond Check the Following

Power Supply
Make sure breaker is not tripped. Check power at outlet with a voltmeter. If any part of the oven works means you have some power but you may not have full power check the cord connections.

Main Control
Check to see if you have power going to the control. To do this you will need to remove the control. This procedure varies from model to model. Check the 2 leads feeding power into the control refer to the tech sheet or service manual. You should have 110 volts going in. If you do and the control does not respond check the keypad if equipped or replace the control.

Some controls have a separate keypad. This is an electronic pad that is sometimes glued to the control. To check for stuck keys press each button one at a time followed by the cancel key, you should feel each one retract if any do not feel right I would lean towards replacing the keypad. You might also get an audible beep after each one, if you do make sure all respond the same. Look at the keypad carefully for any burn marks.