Oven Door Not Closing Properly

If your Oven Door not Closing Properly Check the Following

Door Latch/ Motor
The door latch may be stuck in a latched position or misaligned in this case just readjust the latch. In the case of a self cleaning oven that got stuck the motor or switch that controls the latch has failed. You will need to acess the motor. On some this is on the back, remove the back panel and you will see the small motor with a actuator rod attached to this. The first thing to try is to plug the oven in and with a rubber handle screwdriver push the microswitch tab down to activate the switch. If this does not get it working unplug and check switches for continuity. Check the motor for continuity. If you seee any burn marks on the motor or wiring replace the motor.

Door Hinges
The door hinges may have got bent or worn. If they are squeaking or do not close smoothly they should be replaced. Always replace these as a pair, and be careful they are under heavy pressure.

Door Seal
If the door seal has come loose or has gotten damaged this should be replaced or reattached.