Electronic Range Control Board Replacement

Replacing A Range Electronic Control Board (ERC)

The Electronic Control Board (ERC) Controls most of the functions of your electric or gas range. This is where the timer/clock, Temperature, Light and many other functions are handled. If your Range is missing numbers but still functions properly a keypad on some models can be purchased separately. The instructions below will help. Also if your range does not respond to commands or will not power up read the following.
Replacing and testing the electronic control board in your range is easy. The process may vary slightly depending on models. This is similar on both gas and electric ranges. First slide your oven away from the wall so you have access to the back panel of the control. Disconnect power, unplug, and shut off gas before performing any repairs.

There are usually 2 screws on the back and sometimes 3 or 4 screws on the front. The screws in the front are usually hidden underneath the console. Remove these screws. You will have access to the control module and also the Relay Control Board if your range is equipped with this.

The relay control board or main control (ERC) can be checked with a multimeter. Watch this video on how to use a multimeter. If you know there is power and it does not respond skip over checking for power. To check for power refer to the tech sheet ( shown in photo taped to back of range) Find the main power feeds. Set your multimeter to ac volts and put one lead in each power supply wire. Plug range back in you should have power going to the control. Some controls have 2 power wires feed the control. Be sure to check both. If you do not have power the problem is in your house wiring or the power supply cord. If you have power continue on.
To check the main control board set your multimeter to the 1x scale on the ohms setting. Connect one lead to L and one to H2 there should be no reading. Then connect one lead to H1 and one to H2 again there should be no reading. Next connect one lead to S and one to R there should be a reading. If it does not pass all the testing the main control needs to be replaced needs to be replaced. To replace take a photo of the wiring. Unplug the wiring. Remove screws securing main control. Install new main control aligning screw holes. Install screws. Connect wiring. The electronic control board (ERC) usually contains the clock timer and functions of the oven and sometimes cooktop.

It is usually rectangular shaped with a ribbon wire and/or other wiring connecting to it. Take a photo of the ERC and all wiring. Inspect all connections carefully for tightness and corrosion. Make sure to contact the frame of the oven before handling the ERC. This will keep a static shock from ruining your new ERC. Inspect carefully with a strong flashlight for corrosion. Clean with electrical cleaner if necessary. Inspect the board carefully for any burn marks. There will be 4 screws securing this in place. Remove these screws. Carefully remove the ribbon wire and unplug all other wiring. Carefully remove the ERC.

The ERC may have a keypad attached to the control. The keypad usually has adhesive securing it in place. This can be removed with a putty knife. Slide the putty knife between the control and the keypad and carefully work your way around it. Install the keypad to the new control. There is usually enough adhesive to resecure the keypad. Place the control into position aligning screw holes. Reinstall 4 screws. Connect all wires. Replace back panel by aligning screw holes. Reinstall 2 screws. Turn gas and power back on and slide into position. The electronic control board repairs common problems in ovens, ranges, double ovens, downdrafts. The electronic oven control can have symptoms of wont power up, will not respond to commands, fault code f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, f6, f7, f8, f9, oven will not turn off, oven will not heat up, oven will not reach temperature, oven overheats, timer will not work, clock does not work, keeps on beeping, not working at all, does not maintain temperature, broil will not work, fan will not run, fan runs constantly, self- clean not working, light does not work, light will not shut off, problems after self- cleaning, keypad stuck, clock numbers missing, thermal fuse, no power. The electronic range control board controls many functions of your range. This can include the clock, timer, bake, broil, top surface elements, self-clean, lights and other functions. The repair instructions may differ depending on the make and model. This repair covers many models such as Admiral, Amana, Asko, Bosch, Caloric, Dacor, Estate, Frigidaire, Fisher Paykel, Gemini, General Electric, Gibson, Hamilton, HotPoint, Jenn Air, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, LG, Magic Chef, Maytag, Miele, RCA, Roper, Samsung, Sears, Tappan, Thermador, White-Westinghouse, Whirlpool