Oven Timer / Clock Not Working

If your Oven Clock / Timer is not working Check The Following

Clock /Timer / ERC
In order to gain access to the timer/clock/ ERC, first move the range away from the wall and remove the back cover panel by undoing the retaining screws. This will expose the back of the timer/clock. Note: there are many styles of ranges. If this does not describe your range, refer to your owner's manual for detailed access instructions. In some ranges, you will also require access to the front of the timer clock. Some models of have a fuse in the clock circuit. Ensure the fuse is good by checking for continuity. Now find the clock motor leads, label them and remove them from the circuit. Place a test lead on each clock motor wire; there should be continuity. If not, replace the clock. In some range models, the clock is used to control the timed-bake and/or the self-clean cycles. To check these functions, first remove the wires from the switch terminals (label them first). Now refer to your wiring diagram for the correct terminals to test. Some models have one switch, but others have two sets of switches. Test for continuity by placing your test leads on each terminal as shown in your wiring diagram. Test for the continuity of the switch contacts when the start and stop knobs of the clock (of some models) are pushed in and turned, and when the knobs pop back out. All these tests should show continuity. If not, the timer/clock is defective and should be replaced. The clock / timer assembly is also called an ERC by some manufacturers.