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Top Load Washers

How to take apart a direct drive Washer
This covers a wide variety of brands including some whirlpool/ kenmore. The video details the dissassembly and repair of the motor coupler,drain pump common failures with style machine.

Replacing a Lid Switch
This video will walk you through disassembling to replacing the lid switch. This is another common failure in most washers. This covers the whirlpool style. Whirlpool manufactures models for many other brands.

Your Washer Drains and Fills at the same Time

Typical Timer Replacement

Water Inlet Valve
This video covers the water inlet valve a common failure. Some of the symptons would be no water, slow to fill, water won't shutoff.

Pressure Switch
This video covers the pressure switch. This controls the water level in your washer.If your washer overfills or does not fill enough this could be the problem.

Motor Test
This video will walk you through testing your washing machine motor.

Broken Agitator
This video walks you through the most common agitator problem in the 2 piece style agitators.

Fisher & Paykel Diverter Valve parts 1,2,3

Clutch Replacement Video

Gearcase Replacement

Dispenser Removal

Drive Motor Repair

Drain Pump Replacement

Tub Seal Replacement

Drive Suspension Pad

Drive Tub Wear Pad

Drive Block

Tub Counter balance

Disassembling a direct drive washer

Using a Multimeter

Basic cabinet disassembly instructions for most top load washers