Washer Door Switch Replacement

The door switch is located on the inside of the front panel, two screws hold it in place. The switch latches the door shut. When the door latches it allow the washer to operate.

To remove the door switch. You will need to find the boot retaining spring at the six o'clock position. Using a screwdriver, you will need to pry the spring off the door seal, and grab with piers removing the spring. Next carefully peel the seal off the flange of the front panel.

Now you have access to the door switch. Reach in and remove the two screws holding the door switch in place. Pull the switch out and disconnect the wiring harness.

Depending on the model you may need to follow this method of removing a front load washer door switch. This is done by first unplugging the machine. Then slide unit so you can access the back. There will be two usually Phillip headed screws holding the washer top panel on and remove these screws.

Then grab the top panel by standing in front of the machine. Hold top panel by the side. Slide back slightly and pick up and remove the top panel.

Sometimes the front control panel can be removed also, to give additional clearance. This can easily be done by removing the dispenser. Remove the dispenser by pressing in the tabs and pull the dispenser out.

Then you will find usually three Philips headed screws holding the front control panel to the machine remove these. Now the front control panel can be removed.

Next you should be able to slide your arm down to the door switch, remove the two screws holding the door switch in place. Pull the switch up and unplug the wiring. Now test the switch, do this by connecting a multi meter.
How To Use A Multimeter Video

Set your multi-meter to ohms.
Then set to the 1K setting.
Connect leads to the bottom terminals of the switch for most Frigidaire, Electrolux, Kenmore and many others.
The reading should be around 1500 ohms; anything less you will need to replace the switch. 

To reassemble start by connecting the wiring harness to the switch.
Then slide down into position and tighten the two screws replace the front control panel if that was removed by first putting in position and reinstalling three screws.
Then push the dispenser into the opening fully engaging tabs.
Next put the top panel on by sliding forward ensuring latching tabs are engaged.
Reinstall the two screws in the rear of the machine.
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