Dryer Smells

If you don't clean out the lint trap frequently, your dryer may have small lint fires inside the cabinet. The smell from these fires can leave a strong odor in the clothes drum. Also, if there are any solvents, paints, lacquers, etc. in use in the house, your dryer may alter and/or amplify the fumes to an odor unlike the natural fumes given by the solvent, paint, etc.

Here's what to do:

Move all containers of flammable liquids at least 50 feet away from the dryer. Gas dryers have a large flame when operating properly and can ignite the fumes of any flammable liquid or gas. Next you will need to clean the vent out. This includes the piping leaving your home and inside the machine. To do this remove the back hose on the dryer and run a vacuum into the hose and into the back of the dryer. The video will walk you through another type of dryer.