Starting your own Appliance Repair Business
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Appliance Repair is a Neccesity
Deal in Neccesity!

Want a job that is reliable?

Appliance Repair Business Introduction

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Are you looking to start a new business or start a new career as an Appliance Repair Technician?
Appliance Repair is a Recession Proof Business.
Appliance Repair Technicians average pay is over $44,000 annually & business owners can earn triple that.

By the time a customer calls you they are ready to pay for your services.

Whether you want to work for yourself or be part of a team our, Appliance Repair Business plan, will help make you successful at a fraction of the cost of any plans out there.

Appliance Repair Training is one of the most important parts of being successful.
Appliance Repair Business plan will show you how to get training for an extremely low monthly cost.

  • No need to spend thousands getting trained to be an Appliance Repair Technician
    Appliance Repair Business plan shows how professional Appliance Repair Companies train their employees.
  • You will have access to over 6000 appliance repair videos reviewed by factory trained technicians.
    The appliance repair videos will show you how to professionally diagnose appliance problems and walk you right thru the repairs.
  • These appliance repair videos are constantly updated with the newest equipment.
    The Appliance Repair training allows you to train at your own pace right at home and at your convenience.
    Appliance Repair Training also comes with access to thousands of appliance diagrams and schematics.
  • Even experience appliance repair technicians can greatly benefit from keeping this service active.
  • Cost is under $40 a month (no contract)
  • Training gives you access to problems, repair solutions, videos, and diagrams, all at your figure tips just enter a model #. You can watch videos at the customers house in your vehicle, so you always have backup.
    Training also allows you to request a video for a specific repair.

Appliance Repair Technician's support Backup
Every Technician needs Tech support,
Appliance Repair Business Plan will show you how to get Tech support online or by phone that is first class.

  • The tech support will walk you through the most difficult repairs. This is invaluable as an appliance repair technician.
  • The cost of this is also very inexpensive extremely low
    Less Than .20 cents a call.

With this training and tech support you could be ready to start taking service calls very quickly.

Ok so now you have been watching all these videos and maybe want to practice on some appliances around your home.

Appliance Repair Business Plan has a list of necessary Tools needed.

What Tools do you need to be an Appliance Repair Technician?

This business plan has that covered!
The plan covers the complete list of tools needed to get started repairing appliances
This complete tool package can be purchased for less than $1000.
(you might even already have some of the tools and less expensive tools can also be bought for much less when first starting out although we recommend buying quality tools.)

Now how do you get the phone ringing?

  • The plan will show you how to get as many calls a day as you want to handle. Most Appliance Repair techs can do 5-8 calls a day depending on the distance and complexity of the repair with an average of about $170 per repair.
  • There are many ways to market your appliance repair business without costing you anything and there are very low-cost ways of getting business.
  • Appliance Repair Business Plan will show you how.
    • No need to spend $1000.'s on marketing your business you just need to learn from our business plan, where and how to market your appliance repair business.

      How Much to Charge for service?
    • Once you start getting calls you will need to know how much to charge. No problem with the supplied, Appliance labor Repair Calculator, ($149 value) you will be able to quickly look up any repair for almost every appliance and instantly know how much labor to charge.

      This calculator can be adjusted to how much an hour you would like to make starting at $70 an hour to $110 an hour. This is the average price range for a repair that most appliance repair companies charge, and we will show you how to find out what the cost is in your area. For example, you are working on a GE gas range and it needs an oven igniter replaced. The hourly pay for this area is $90.00 per hour, you check the calculator and charge $92.00 for labor plus parts, diagnose/trip charge.

      Where do I get wholesale parts for appliances?
    • Now you have customers and know how to fix it but where will you get your parts. Appliance Repair Business Plan will show you how and where to buy your appliance parts at the true wholesale prices. You will also learn how much to mark up your appliance parts and a complete list of appliance parts to always keep in your vehicle.