Top Burner Does Not Work

If your Range or Cook Top Burner is not Working Check the Following

Burner Element
This can sometimes fail. To check this they usually pull right out of the receptacle. Just tip up and pull out. You can check this by visually looking for burn marks. Check with an ohmeter for continuity if none replace the element. If you have a glass cook top with a hidden element check the switch first, removing the top can be time consuming on some models.

Burner Receptacle
The receptacle can also fail. To check this you will need to remove the top, next check for power with a voltmeter . You should have 120 volts at the receptacle when the burner is turned on if not replace the switch. If you do and the element is good replace the receptacle. If you have a glass cook top check for power leaving the switch before disassembling to access the receptacle.

Infinte Switch
This is the switch that controls each burner. The switch is easy to check and they do fail on occassion. If you have a bad switch it can also cause the surface light to stay on/off all the time, make your burner go out of control, or not work at all. The switch is inexpensive and easy to replace. Follow the link for testing this type of switch.