Troubleshooting A Dishwasher Dispense

If your Dishwasher is having Dispenser Problems check the following

Your dispenser opens at a predetermined time during the washing process. The timing of your dispenser is usually printed on the tech sheet. The tech sheet is located somewhere on your dishwasher. It could be behind the toe kick, behind the control cover, behind the front panel, on the side of the dishwasher. If your dispenser does not open First check to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. Check the latching mechanism, does it appear to be latching? On some models there is a spring that breaks off. In that case you will need to replace the dispenser.

Next thing to check is to get the tech sheet out and see if the dispenser opens at the pre determined time. If it does not you will need to remove the front panel and maybe the console cover depending on the model. Then you will need to see if the wax motor that opens the dispenser has continuity. The tech sheet might also have the Ohm reading that the wax motor should have. Depending on model it is somewher between 600- 2800 ohms. If it has no continuity or is out of range replace the wax motor. Follow the Dispenser Replacement tutorial for replacing the wax motor. If the wax motor checks out good and the dispenser will not open, you will need to replace the main control board/ Timer follow this tutorial to replace the control.

The other type of dispenser is a mechanical style used on GE and many others. This type of dispenser has a little cam that breaks off. You will need to remove the front panel and maybe the console to access the mechanism, this part is sometimes available but you might need to replace the unit. The Dispenser replacement tutorial will walk you thru this.